IPVOX pricelist

It's possible to call to all extensions and mobile extensions including abroad calling from the IPVOX network.


Prices are in CZK not including VAT (21%)
Peak is on MO-FR from 7:00 till 19:00 o'clock
Charging tariff is 1+1 second except information calls, audiotext services and a lottery, where every initial minute of a call is charged.

Prices of international callls

Operator Prefix peak off peak
OMAN 00968 3,83 CZK 3,83 CZK
OMAN MOBILE 009689 9,12 CZK 9,12 CZK
OMAN MOBILE 0096815 9,12 CZK 9,12 CZK
OMAN MOBILE 0096822 9,12 CZK 9,12 CZK